Cruises from Galveston: What to Wear, Do and See

Cruises from Galveston have different occasions on a cruise ship and different expectations of how you dress. Believe it or not, there are dress codes and you have to dress a certain way at the different types of evenings on board the ship. The different evenings on a cruise ship are a casual night, a smart casual night, and a formal night.

Cruises from Galveston are a lot of fun, but you must adhere to the dress code for the dining room or you will not be allowed to enter. On casual night men are expected to wear a sport shirt and slacks to dine in the dining room and women must wear sundresses or pants. If you go into the dining room for dinner wearing shorts and a t-shirt, you will not be permitted to eat.

The smart casual night is not so casual at all. Men should wear a suit of some sort, preferably a jacket and tie and women should wear pant suits or dresses. If you have children, be sure to pack them some of their nice clothes because they should be dressed nice also.

The formal night is just as it sounds, it is formal. Most cruises from Galveston have a formal night so be prepared. Men should wear suits or tuxedos, in most cases men are wearing tuxedos. They will take professional photos of you and your family on the ship also. Women should wear a nice cocktail dress and pants will not be permitted. Formal night is taken seriously on the cruise ship. If you don’t want to partake in the formal night for dining, then you will have to eat at a buffet later, possibly midnight.

The shorter the cruise, the less formal nights there will be. On four day cruises from Galveston, you can only expect one formal night. If you are taking a 2 week cruise from Galveston, then you will have three or four formal nights in the dining room on the cruise.

Cruises from Galveston have a dress code in the dining room, most cruises do to. Think about this when you pack and be prepared to dress up and look nice at every dinner.

Cruise Boston to Bermuda – What to Pack

So you are finally going to cruise Boston Bermuda on the Norwegian Cruise lines or one of the other many cruise lines that offer cruises and you aren’t sure what to pack. Well, you have to keep the weather in mind and the time of year you are planning on taking your cruise. You have to keep in mind the airline limitations on luggage, a cruise ships limitations on luggage, and the size of the rooms on the cruise ships.

The weather in the Caribbean is fabulous. This best time of year for to cruise Boston Bermuda is from November through March. This is when the rainy season is pretty much over and it isn’t too hot and humid that it is unbearable to enjoy yourself on the cruise. The weather will average between 80-90 degrees and the humidity in Bermuda may be up to 80 % which is normal. You might get out of the shower and immediately feel sweaty. This means the clothes that you pack on this trip should be very lightweight. Linen is a favorite because it provides for breathing in the warm and moist weather and it isn’t uncomfortable. Bring a sweater for nights, but you won’t need it in the daytime. Also, don’t forget tons of sunscreen to protect yourself from the ultraviolet rays because you are going close to the equator. Bring sunglasses to protect your eyes, and if you are really fair, you might consider a hat too.

Most airlines have a weight limit on the baggage and the cruise ship for your cruise Boston to Bermuda will have a baggage limit of 200 pounds. Plus, the rooms are really small. Don’t bring too much stuff or you will be totally crammed in your room and annoyed and you will be wanting to throw things overboard. Unless, you really plan on working, there is no need for the laptop and all of the books and extra stuff. Many people bring them on the cruise and they won’t touch them the entire trip. You shouldn’t anyway, you are on vacation.

Your cruise Boston Bermuda is going to be exquisite. Don’t over pack and make sure you are bringing the right items.

The Cheapest Cruises are the Best Vacations

Some of the cheapest cruises are the best vacations. The cruise ship alone is reason to take the trip. If you find an incredibly cheap cruise, don’t pass it up. You will regret it later. The cruise ships have so many things to offer for people with or without kids, people looking for activities, and more.

People traveling with kids can’t pass up some of the cheapest cruises because many of these cruise ships have an entire floor dedicated to kids. Some of the floors of the ship won’t let them get off the floor unless you come and get them. This allows for parents to spend time together alone. Also, many of the kids’ floors of a cruise ship have movie theaters, video arcades, buffets, and more. The kids are guaranteed to never get bored. In addition, you know your kids will never get bored swimming.

Some of the cheapest cruises offer activities for women like yoga and aerobics classes. There are jogging tracks around the ship for you to take that early morning run you are used to. There is nothing like taking a run while you are sailing through the Caribbean in the ocean. There are also activities like shuffleboard, basketball, and swimming. Most cruise ships have several swimming pools and if you are one that doesn’t like kids, they have pools just for you.

Some of the cheapest cruises also offer gambling in onboard casinos. You can spend some time winning it big while you sail in the ocean waters. There are plenty of night clubs on cruise ships if you are looking to have a good time with the nightlife. There are discos if you feel like dancing.

The food offered on some of these cheapest cruises is incredible. You will never find seafood as good as what is offered on a cruise ship, and need we say why? You can eat in dining rooms, snack from buffets that are laid out throughout the days, and most cruise ships have midnight buffets that are overflowing with tropical fruits you have never seen and octopus from the ocean.

The cheapest cruises make the best vacation because once you are on the boat, you are on vacation. There is so much to do on the cruise ship, you might not want to get off when you reach your destination.

Bargain Cruises are the Best Vacations

There are so many benefits of bargain cruises and there are so many of them to choose from. Almost every cruise line is offering some sort of a bargain on a great cruise. You can choose from several different types of bargain cruises with several different itineraries. The benefits of bargain cruises versus a vacation at a resort outweigh the latter tremendously.

Many of the different bargain cruises you can choose from include 3 day trips, 5 day trips, 7 day trips, and if you want you can even go on a cruise for two or three weeks. Depending on how long you would like to take a vacation, you can pay as little as $50 a day.

The bargain cruises are with almost every cruise line out there including the Royal Caribbean, the Norwegian, Princess, and more. You can choose from destinations like Panama, the Caribbean, Mexico, and other places. Design your cruise itinerary with the duration and the places you would like to see. You will be surprised all of the different options you have to choose from.

The benefits of bargain cruises rather than settling at one location include being able to see many different places on the same trip. You can travel on a beautiful cruise ship that offers plenty of activities to do while you are at see and you can tour and take part in excursions at different destinations. There is no experience like a cruise on a ship. Another benefit that outweighs a vacation at one destination is the fact that bargain cruises save you a bunch of money. You won’t come nearly as close to paying what you would in a hotel room every night at another destination. Plus, you would have to pay for meals outside of the hotel room, and all activities you would like to partake in. On a cruise, the meals are a package deal and the activities. Extras include alcoholic beverages and drinks ordered from the bar.

Bargain cruises outweigh the benefits by far of a vacation where you are stuck in one location. What if you decide you don’t like the place you have chosen for an entire two weeks?

How About Alaska Cruise Travel Plans this Year?

An Alaska cruise travel package might be exactly what you need. There are many places to go, sites to see, and maybe not enough time to do all of it. A few of the favorite destinations included for Alaska cruises are Anchorage, Denali, Fairbanks, and Seward. Once the ship is docked, there are so many things to do like flight seeing, kayaking, fishing, rafting, all day tours sightseeing independently or guided.

In Anchorage, hop on another boat for a glacier and wildlife tour down the coastal Alaska waters. You can even go bear viewing. Anchorage is also the world’s busiest place to watch over 800 floatplanes take off and land everyday at Lake Hood.

Denali is a favorite place with whitewater rafting trips down the Nenana River Canyon, or check out Mount McKinley, through incredible glaciers and peaks. Other favorite day trips in Denali include jeep backcountry safari adventures, jet boat safaris, and another favorite site is the Denali National Park Road Tours.

If you Alaska cruise travel includes Seward, then you cannot miss this incredible historic town. Day trips in Seward include the Alaska Sea life Center, touring the Exit Glacier, which is the most accessible glacier in the world by road and absolutely amazing. Other things to do include taking a sled dog tour and kayaking through Resurrection Bay.

If your cruise includes a stop in Fairbanks, then you cannot miss an Arctic tour or stopping by the Gold Dredge No. 8 and the El Dorado Gold Mine.

Alaska cruise travel is the best way to tour through Alaska, with the incredible amenities of the cruise ship and so many places to see once the ship is docked. It is hard to make a decision which cities to add to your cruise and tour through Alaska because there just isn’t enough time to see everything and there is so much to do. Most of the cities in Alaska offer trips flightseeing by plane above the amazing glaciers and mountains. There is nothing as spectacular as seeing Alaska from an aerial view.

Fairbanks, Denali, Seward, and Anchorage are only a few of the wonderful places that Alaska offers to see and explore in your Alaska cruise travel guide. Build your days in your cruises to see all of the places that interest you the most. 

Royal Caribbean Cruises: See the World in Style

Royal Caribbean cruises to ports of call all around the world. Their ships range in size from the (relatively) small Empress of the Seas that carries just over 2,000 passengers, to the incredibly large Freedom family of ships, each of which can carry 3,634 voyagers. An as-yet-unnamed ship is currently being built that will carry an incredible 5,400 guests out to sea.

So where do all these people go? Well, that depends on the time of year. In the summer, many people want to cruise north. Alaska is one of the most popular destinations, and Royal Caribbean serves that area with four ships: the Radiance of the Seas, the Vision of the Seas, the Serenade of the Seas, and the Rhapsody of the Seas.

Departing from San Francisco, Seattle, or Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, these cruises are typically 7 nights, although Royal Caribbean offers 13- and 14-night cruises, as well. Ports of call include Hubbard Glacier, Skagway, Icy Strait, Ketchikan, and the Inside Passage.

Three time zones away, the summer cruise north to New England and Canada is also popular. Departing from several destinations along the east coast, this cruise takes voyagers into and past Boston, Bar Harbor, Halifax, and New Brunswick before returning home.

Looking for something a little more exotic? Try leaving from Sydney, Australia on the Rhapsody of the Seas for a cruise that will take you around Australia and over to New Zealand before returning to Australia. These cruises sail during the northern hemisphere’s fall and winter seasons, which means it’s a glorious spring and summer "down under". Now that’s how you shake off those winter blues!

But some people say cruising is about kicking back and watching the water go by. If that’s your style, consider Royal Caribbean’s transatlantic crossings. These typically take 12 to 15 nights and you’ll sail on one of several ships. In the shoulder seasons (spring and fall), you can find great bargains on these cruises by booking a "repositioning" cruise.

Many cruise ships sail northern routes in the summer and southern routes in the winter. In between they must be moved from one locale to another. This is called "repositioning" and it may involve big savings for you.

The sailing is one-way, of course. Once the ship gets to its new destination, it won’t be returning to the old locale for about six months. You need to be prepared to return home on your own, but the savings on these cruises can make buying a plane ticket a no-brainer.

Winter cruises are most popular to warmer climates, like Bermuda, Hawaii, and South America. Royal Caribbean sails its Splendour of the Seas to Sao Paulo, Brazil in winter and spring. These cruises last from 3 to 8 nights, although there is a longer, 14-night cruise that includes Brazil and the Panama Canal. All of these depart from Sao Paulo, Brazil, except for the 14-night cruise, which departs from Ft. Lauderdale.

Check travel web sites or contact a cruise specialist to stay on top of bargains being offered on Royal Caribbean cruises. There are often specials offered on short cruises, underbooked sailings, or off-season routes.

If you’re interested in shore excursions, package deals that include airfare (if required), cruise, transfers and several excursions may turn out to be cheaper than purchasing each thing separately. A Royal Caribbean cruise can include as much or as little as you like, so you can design the vacation that’s just right for you.

Board Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships for Adventure

Royal Caribbean cruise ships have a little of something for everyone. When you’re looking for a cruise, you’ll want to keep these cruises in mind because of all they have to offer. You’ll visit great destinations and experience onboard attractions that’ll keep you busy for the whole cruise. Unless, of course, you want to curl up on a sunny deck and enjoy the ocean breezes with a martini and a good book.

Royal Caribbean believes that getting to your destination should be just as fun as the time you spend in the port city. To that end, they’ve created cruise ships that blend together many different activities, classes, and entertainment to make your entire cruise something to remember. While you’ll visit the same ports with other cruise lines, you won’t find the same onboard experience.

Royal Caribbean has three different families of cruise ships including Freedom Family, Voyager Family, and Radiance Family. Each family of ships has its own distinct feel and amenities.

Freedom Family ships are Royal Caribbean’s largest. Onboard, you’ll find the first ever surf park on the ocean, large rock climbing walls, full sized boxing rings, world-class nightclubs, and even ice rinks. The onboard activities are innovative and fun. Kids and teenagers will love the water parks, sporting activities, and entertainment options.

The Voyager Family ships combine adventure and fun. Play miniature golf, eat at specialty restaurants, drink in English style pubs, or send your teens to the teenage only clubs. You’ll get most of the same activities and attractions as the Freedom Family ships, but in a slightly smaller package.

Radiance Family ships have been built for open spaces. You’ll find glass everywhere, which means that you can watch for whales in the elevator or gaze over the ocean while you relax. Visit the Vegas style casino, play pool on the self leveling tables, or get a massage in the day spa. The ships also use gas turbine engines, which are more environmentally friendly than traditional cruise ship engines.

Whatever Royal Caribbean cruise ships attract your attention, you’re sure to find plenty to do while you sail toward your ports of call. The activities make the ships great for families and active adults. You’ll always find new ways to challenge yourself or relax when the mood hits.

Take a Vacation on Princess Cruise Ships

You’ll love the choices you have with Princess Cruise ships. When you’re thinking about taking a cruise, you want to find a cruise line that offers great activities onboard, exciting shore excursions, visits great destinations, and takes care of all the details for you. Princess cruises offer guests all this and more. Whether you want a romantic getaway or a fun family vacation, you’ll find it onboard.

Cruises on Princess Ships visit many great destinations. You can travel to ports in Alaska, Europe, Australia, Asia, South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean among other areas. You can travel through the Panama Canal or island hop in Hawaii. Maybe you’re looking for less visited more unique ports such as those in easternmost Russia or Antarctica. You’ll find a wide range of cruise destinations with Princess cruises. Whether you want to be gone a few days or a few weeks, there’s a cruise for you.

Shore excursions will depend on the ports your ship calls on. You can visit the USS Arizona Memorial in Honolulu, visit Mach Picchu in Peru, stroll down stunning beaches in New Zealand, or take a pyramid tour in Egypt. Each port has multiple excursions and tours that you can join for an extra fee. You can also head out on your own and create your own adventure.

Your onboard experience won’t let you down either. In between ports, you’ll dine and play in comfort and luxury. Choose between a number of restaurants or sip champagne as the sun sets. You can attend art auctions, take classes, meet celebrities, swim, browse the library for books to read, or shop in the ship’s boutiques. You won’t run out of things to keep you entertained on your way to the destination locations. Don’t miss out on the nightlife either. Shows, movies, comedy acts, and dancing will keep you up late.

When looking for a cruise, you’ll want to consider the Princess cruise ship that you’ll be traveling on. The ships range in size with some holding several thousand guests. Both large and small ships have advantages so read up on what each ship has to offer and where each goes before making your decision.

Princess Cruise ships will make your vacation, honeymoon, anniversary trip, or family getaway special. With so much to do, you’ll never get bored, although you may get tired! Choose the cruise that is right for you and sail away for adventures and fun.